CAM2P™ Additional Resources

SUKAD Principal Consultants have been working with, and on, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) for a few years. As a result, we have a great deal of information that we can share with our website visitors and clients. A large part of what we have, we are sharing on a complimentary basis or under a Creative Commons Guidelines. The following is a listing of the additional resources:

  1. For a brief write up on the characteristics of the methodology, please check the CAM2P™ Characteristics page and for CAM2P™ related products visit the CAM2P™ Products pages
  2. For more substantial explanations of the project management methodology, please check our publications and eBooks section on the project management knowledge portal
  3. To download the standard model "image" check our images and charts section on the project management knowledge portal
  4. Templates: For PDF templates, for various deliverables and stage gates, please visit our CAM2P™ Model Templates section on the project management knowledge portal
  5. Templates: For templates that you can edit, in MS Word, MS Project, MindMap ... the visitor need to purchase the CAM2P™ Basic Application
  6. Basic Application: please refer to CAM2P™ Basic Apps
  7. Interactive Website: this is a future enhacement!